March Dividend Update

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March has been and gone, so it’s time to update how I have done on the dividend front for the month.

My dividend income in March last year was £414.89, this year it has increased by a whopping 46.96% to £609.70. The dividends paid in my SIPP increased by 37% to £343.39 and in my ISA they increased by 62% to £266.31.

The individual payments are shown in the table below.


BHP Billiton£79.06œ£83.34œ£162.40
Royal Dutch Shell£144.90£119.01£263.91
Interest on Cash£0.04£0.02£0.06

A large part of the increase in both my SIPP and ISA is due to the drop in the exchange rate for the pound as most of the companies that paid out in March state their dividend per share in dollars or euro’s. In addition BHP Billiton increased their dividend per share from $0.16 to $0.40. In addition to the above my ISA income also benefited by re-investment of last years dividends and by a purchase of more shares in Unilever.

So far this year I have earned a total of £1,660.55, and more than £500 in each of the first three months, and will probably increase the annual total by more than £1,000 compared to last year.

From next year onwards I will be taking the cash from my dividends in order to live on, as I will not be earning a salary from July onwards, so my dividend income will decrease each year instead of the increases I have had to date. In fact, this is the only thing that is “negative” about me finishing work, as it has always motivated me to keep putting as much money as I can afford into my investments when I see the benefits month on month and year on year. Hopefully my experience has encouraged others to do the same and will allow them to reach FIRE as I have been able to do unlike lots of colleagues who complain about having to work until the day they die.

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