February Dividend Update

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It’s one of my favourite blog topics today, and that is to write an update on the dividends I received in February. With increases from all the companies (ranging from 10% by Vodafone to only 1% for United Utilities) I received the sum of £510.20

 The details of dividends received are contained in the table below.

Primary Health Peoperties£128.38œ£33.44œ£161.82
United Utilities£œ129.50œ£0.00œ£129.50

 The total of £510.20 compares to £468.97 for last year, which is an increase of 8.79%, this is mainly accounted for by an increase in the number of shares in Vodafone & PHP, but the increase in the number of PHP shares in my SIPP are due to re-investment of dividends paid by all of the companies in that account. I did also receive some of the increase due to the dividend increases from all of the companies.

 The great thing about these dividends is that I haven’t had to be at an office for any time and I didn’t have any commuting to get to my place of work, in fact I didn’t even need to get out of bed to earn this money. Throughout this year I should receive over £8,000 in dividends, all of it due to my choice to save and invest instead of spending it on more “things” that I probably don’t need anyway.

One thought on “February Dividend Update

  1. weenie

    Great going! Dividend updates are always guaranteed to bring a smile to your face – great to know that you received £500 for doing ‘nothing’!


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