2015 Dividend Update.

Image courtesy of Gualberto107 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Gualberto107 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

As I didn’t update my dividend income for November, I thought I would do this with this end of year dividend update, to show how my dividend income is generally on an upward trend.

I actually saw a reduction in my SIPP dividends compared to last November, but as I covered in my October update this was because one of the companies paid a dividend in October this year compared to November last year, plus a second company paid a special dividend in 2014, but not in 2015. I did, however, gain by one company paying their dividend in November compared to December in 2014, if I adjust the figures for all these changes the 26.97% reduction would have actually been a small increase.

BAE Systems£126.00£58.80£184.80
Thorpe FW£38.25£0.00£38.25

The main increase in my SIPP came from Aviva who increased their 2015 dividend by 15% from 2014.

Once again in my ISA I received a significant increase over 2014, which is continuing evidence of how regularly adding money to this account, and re-investing the dividends seriously ramps up the income. In November 2014 I received £75.62 in dividends from two companies, in November this year I have received £142.79 with a lot of this increase being due to having shares in two additional companies and more shares in one of the companies I already held. These extra shares which have increased my November income by 88.8% from last year, were bought with regular payments into my ISA, plus last years re-invested dividends.

December dividend income followed the November performance, with a reduction of 32% in my SIPP income but a 77.8% increase in my ISA income. The SIPP reduction was due to the ongoing car crash that is my Tesco shareholding, as they paid no dividend this year, plus one company paying out in November compared to December last year.

Royal Dutch Shell£116.51£87.93£204.44
Interest on Cash£0.01£0.02£0.0

As in November my ISA increase once again was driven by new holdings in an additional company and an increase in the number of shares in one of my existing companies, these increases will of course also continue to pay out the increased amount in future years.

As I stated in my milestones post, my total income in 2015 was more than £6,000 which is a pretty good income just for holding shares in quality companies that pay out a chunk of their income back to shareholders. This equates to receiving £16.71 every day of the year, this is without having to even get out of bed let alone chain myself to a desk, and should continue to regularly churn out income. In fact it is possible that I might even receive over £7,000 in dividends this year (this assumes no major dividend cuts), which is an increase of around £900 compared to 2015’s dividends paid, and would take me to nearly £20 a day average income.

I have to say I just love to watch the payments appearing in my brokerage account, and hope that people see this growing income and use it as inspiration for them to do the same and start to regularly contribute to saving for their future.

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