Milestones in 2015

FireworksHappy New Year to everyone, I hope you had a great 2015, and that you have a happy and prosperous 2016.

I passed some important milestones in 2015, which saw my dividend income pass £6,000 for the year, and I also took the value of my FIRE Engine past £200,000. The most important milestone to me though, as my figures show I should reach Financial Independence in 2017, is that I can now say that I will be finishing work next year.

I received 48 dividends throughout the year which totalled £6,099.28 varying in amounts from the lowest of £15.00 up to the largest of £ 422.20, with my best month being in August when I received £1,159.80 and the “worst” being in February when I received £ 307.03.

My portfolio (which I have named the FIRE Engine as it is this which will allow me to reach Financial Independence and Retire Early) passed the £200,000 milestone in October and has fluctuated around this value since then as the market has fallen and risen, and now stands at £202,245.26. This value should continue to increase as I add more money each month (paying in to both my ISA and company defined contribution pension), plus when I receive payments from the shares I own in my employing company I pay these extras into my ISA.

The biggest milestone is that my freedom from wage slavery is rapidly approaching and is now about a year and a half away, so I can now say that I will be retiring next year (roll on January 1st 2017, when I will be saying I am retiring this year). This will be a culmination of ensuring that I regularly save a significant proportion of my income and make sure that I don’t succumb to lifestyle inflation, and in accordance with this philosophy I will be taking all my pay increase from January onwards and saving this extra amount into my ISA to further increase the amount I have available at FIRE time.

Has anyone else passed any significant milestones in 2015, or expect to pass in 2016?

2 thoughts on “Milestones in 2015

  1. DivHut

    A very healthy dividend income total for the year. Congrats on that. Keep buying those solid long term dividend payers and watch that passive income grow. Look forward to reading your 2016 dividend updates.

  2. weenie

    Happy New Year, FIUK!

    Congrats on that £200k milestone and fantastic news that you now have an actual date for your retirement!

    I look forward to cheering you on this year as you advance towards the winning post with your ever increasing dividend income!

    When do you plan on telling work of your plans and do you think they will be massively shocked?


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