October Dividend Update


It’s the beginning of a new month again, and it is time to write about one of the most enjoyable experiences of investing, and that is dividends.

I have had my third consecutive month of receiving over £500.00 from my shareholdings, and have received an increase of 132% compared to November.

Although a lot of the increase is due to the PHP dividend payment being made in October this year compared to November last year, even without this change I would have still received an increase of 13.25% or £28.88 in cash.

The details of dividends received are in the table below:


PHP Group£200.00£59.50£259.50

The majority of the increase is in my ISA, which accounts for £25.98 of the increase which is 49% more than I received in my ISA last year.

Most of this increase is due to the recent purchase of shares in Interserve which paid me £23.70, and demonstrates the benefit of continuing to add funds to my FIRE Engine, but I also received more money due to the automatic re-investment of my Glaxo dividends, and these extra shares paid out the remaining £2.90 of the increase over last year.

I am still on course to receive over £6,000 for the year, but next month will show a decrease because of the change in the PHP payment date.

6 thoughts on “October Dividend Update

  1. Dividend Drive

    Excellent progress, FIUK!

    Great to see such excellent progress year on year! Let’s hope it gets repeated again next year!

    I have kept holding off from buying into PHP and each time I have regretted it. Maybe one day I will add it! It has certainly served you well! Have you been reading their reports? Do they know when they are likely to have a covered dividend? They have been talking about it for ages!

  2. DivHut

    Very healthy dividend income to say the least. Happy to be a fellow DEO shareholder with you. Been a long time since I added to that name. So many other better values out there though. Thanks for sharing.


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