FIRE Engine Passes £200,000

Image courtesy of Ambro at

Image courtesy of Ambro at

After a grim September, October has been a much better month, and as a result of this, plus the deposits I have been making into my ISA, the value of my FIRE Engine has passed the £200,000 mark, and is currently worth £200,491.62

Woo Hoo

It has taken quite a while to get there (I started in 2002), but it has only been the last three years that I have been adding serious amounts of cash into the fuel tank to allow me to seriously accelerate the FIRE Engine.

The great thing is that due to the cash regularly being added plus the dividends I receive from the shares I hold, this acceleration will continue and the value continue to increase over the longer term (it may fall in the short term but I am looking at the long term), and although I am not investing purely for a gain in share price, it is still quite a good feeling to pass such milestones as it indicates how I am progressing to Financial Independence. Also, if I did achieve large capital increases I would be able to sell some of my shares to supplement any dividend income.

There is of course one downside to the market increase, and that is that as I pay more money into my ISA I will be able to buy fewer shares, and therefore receive lower income than I would have done at lower prices, so I don’t really want prices to soar to high until I start needing to take income out of my portfolio.

8 thoughts on “FIRE Engine Passes £200,000

    1. Financial Independence UK Post author

      Hi Cerridwen

      Spot on. Passing milestones is a great feeling, and I may just celebrate by buying more dividend producing shares so I can keep the income increasing.

      How are you progressing, as I recall you are planning on firing the ejector seat around the same time as myself (May 2017is my goal)?

      Keep on FIREing
      FI UK

    1. Financial Independence UK Post author

      Hi JC

      Thanks for viewing from your side of the Atlantic.

      I see you continue to grow your various accounts, and are making good progress on growing your income too.

      Look forward to continuing to follow your progress.
      FI UK

  1. weenie

    Hi FIUK

    Congratulations and well done on passing the £200k milestone! Just shows what planning and perseverance can achieve and gives the rest of us the hope and motivation to continue on our own journeys!

  2. Huw

    Congratulations FIUK!

    Outstanding milestone to pass. Hugely motivating and inspiring stuff.

    Nothing better than reaping the rewards of hard work and persistence. Delayed gratification at its best.

    Well done, and thank you sharing the news!


  3. London Rob

    Congratulations on reaching such a major milestone! Keep going and I am sure the next 200k will be even quicker!
    London Rob


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