September Net Worth Update

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

My last net worth update was at the end of March, I missed the June update, but can now update my position as at the end of September.

I have made a change to how I calculate my net worth, as I have decided to exclude the value of my final salary company pension. I have done this as I cannot actually take the money from this pension, or even control how it is invested, so other than the fact it will provide me with an income from 65 onwards it has no other value.

The good news is that after adjusting the March value to remove the pension value, and despite the market falls in August & September, my net worth has still increased. The increase is only quite small but my regular payments into my company pension, my mortgage overpayments and payments into my ISA have more than offset the market decreases.

I have detailed my net worth as at 30th September in the table below.

Net Worth   œ£398,254.33
Employers Sharesϣ13,930.00
Employers Pensionϣ35,523.42
Mrs FIUK Employers Pensionϣ11,092.17

I find it hard to believe that Mrs FI & I are worth almost £400,000 and that the value can continue to increase through a fairly significant market decline.

This performance shows how long term regular saving can accumulate a serious amount of money over time, particularly if it is invested into the markets and can compound the growth over the time period, and I hope it can encourage people who are in the early stages of their journey to FI.

2 thoughts on “September Net Worth Update

  1. M from There's Value

    It certainly is encouraging to read other people’s journeys on the road to FI/RE. I really enjoy reading whether people are earlier, at the same, or ahead a stage of the journey.

    Just a quick q – is that the equity you have in the house, or is that the house value (accordgin to zoopla or similar) you’ve got there?

    1. Financial Independence UK Post author

      Hi M

      Glad to see I can encourage people to take control of their lives in financial terms.

      The house value is the current value, but I deduct the mortgage further down, so only the equity is included in my net worth.

      Thanks for Reading
      FI UK


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