March Dividend Update

ID-100188087After February’s year on year decline, I am delighted to be able to report that I am back to a year on year increase for March

The most exciting thing in March was the 25% increase in dividends in my SIPP, as this increase is entirely due to increases in dividends per share on existing companies (BP & Royal Dutch Shell), or by the shares I was able to buy last year (BHP Billiton & Unilever) purely by re-investing dividends. In fact the year on year growth for March should have been even better as Barclays paid out in March last year but moved to April this year.

Royal Dutch Shell£œ87.36œ£51.39œ£138.75
BHP Billitonϣ100.85ϣ52.53ϣ153.37

Even though my 25%increase in my SIPP is fantastic, the increase in my ISA was a truly awesome 178%, going from £47.34 last March to £131.78 for this year.

I am now really starting to benefit from the payments I have made into my ISA over the last twelve months which averaged out at just under £1,000 per month, which has resulted in a significant number of share purchases last year both increasing the number of shares in existing companies and adding new companies who paid me in March. In fact I added shares in both the existing companies paying out in March (Unilever & Shell), and also bought shares in BHP Billiton.

I really feel that my dividend income growth is starting to accelerate, and with my continuing re-investment of current dividends along with significant payments into my ISA (I have increased my monthly payments into my investments in 2015, so along with my payouts from my shares in my employers I should be well over £12,000 of new money this year) I should continue to see good increases in my monthly dividend payments for 2015.

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