May Dividend Update

"Image courtesy of Master isolated images  /".

“Image courtesy of Master isolated images /”.

As it is now early June, it is once again time for the enjoyable task of recording the dividends paid in May.

This year the total has reduced from £486.72 in 2013 to £299.98, however this is due to the sale of one of my holdings (British American Tobacco), and the reduction in the size of another (Thorpe FW). The money these sales raised have been re-invested and are contributing to the increases in other months this year, so overall there has been an increase.

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The good news is that the payments by my Aviva holdings have increased from £225.00 in 2013 to £235.00 in 2014 in my SIPP (increase of 4.4%), and from £29.97 in 2013 to £32.43 in 2014 in my ISA (increase of 8.2%). The difference in the percentage increase shows the benefits of automatically re-investing the dividends, as the number of shares held in my ISA this year is 345 compared to 333 last year (dividends in my SIPP are paid in cash and re-invested manually once sufficient funds have accumulated).

It is great to see that the payments on my investments increase like this, and as I have around 70 dividend payments per year I receive a regular boost to my motivation.

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