April Dividend Update

ID-100188087 As I want to keep track of dividend payments on this blog, I am now posting my update of dividends received in April. The value I received is a total of £460.84, which is made up of £375.70 paid in my SIPP, and £85.14 paid in my ISA. The details of the payments are shown in the table below.

This compares to £267.86 received in April last year (£238.60 in my SIPP and £29.26 in my ISA. This is an increase of 72% (57% in my SIPP and 190% in my ISA). The reasons for the increases are due to an increase in the size of my PHP holding (this was funded by dividends paid on my SIPP shareholdings, not by additional payments in) in my SIPP, but also due to dividend increases which grew the payout by 4.3%. In my ISA the increase is due to the purchase of PHP shares, an increase in the dividend per share for Glaxo, but also the extra shares held due to the automatic dividend re-investment that is applied to my ISA account at present. As the reason for my investing in shares is to achieve regularly growing dividend payments, the progress this month has fulfilled this requirement, and will hopefully keep the payments growing over the next few years, boosted by additional payments into my ISA.

2 thoughts on “April Dividend Update

    1. Financial Independence UK Post author

      Hi Huw

      Thanks for your comment.

      It is great when you can increase your holdings due to dividend payouts, and of course further improve the dividends. Now that’s what I call a virtuous cycle.

      FI UK


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