March Dividend Update

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“Image courtesy of Master isolated images /”.

As it is now the beginning of April, it’s time to update my dividend performance for last month.

The table below shows the dividend payments received during the month, which totalled £2,083.45. This amount has been boosted by a cash return of value by Vodafone, so if this was excluded the payment would have been £264.61. This compares to £112.01 paid in March last year, which is an increase of 136%

Royal Dutch Shellœ75.26œ29.57œ104.83

The increase is due to having bought shares in Royal Dutch Shell and Unilever since last year (the purchases in my ISA are due to re-investment of dividends paid during the last year, and shows the benefits of dividend re-investment).

As explained in an earlier post, I automatically re-invest dividends in my ISA, but I have benefited from having made monthly payments into this account, and the investment of dividends paid on the shares I own in my employer.

The value of dividends paid each month is now starting to become reasonably significant, and continues to grow as I add further funds to my ISA, and re-invest the dividends payments back into my SIPP

14 thoughts on “March Dividend Update

    1. Financial Independence UK Post author

      Hi Moneystepper
      Thanks for your comment. I have already re-invested the Vodafone payout, some back into Vodafone, and some to increase my holding in Unilever. I have posted in more detail earlier in March.

      Once again, thanks for your comment, and best wishes on reaching your goals for 2014

    1. Financial Independence UK Post author

      Dividend Hawk

      Thank you for your congratulations, I love to achieve dividend increases, particularly due to the re-investment of previous dividends, my increase though is dwarfed by yours of 277%.

      Congratulations back to you!

    1. Financial Independence UK Post author

      Thanks Dividend Dream, and well done also for your highest monthly income, you look like you are reaching the point where the dividend payments are starting to feel worthwhile, and therefore build on your motivation. In addition you have also added cash to your portfolio, thereby further boosting your income when you have invested this.

      Keep investing, and keep those dividends growing, one day your dream should become a reality!

  1. Huw @ finaciallyfreebyforty

    Great month well done!

    136% increase YOY is impressive, and I think most people would take that every month. The £1818 from Vodafone is a really nice bonus too.

    You’re absolutely right, you’re monthly dividends are starting to build up now. The re-investment of those dividends are going to make a big impact towards your position in March 2015. I think you could be in line for another 100% increase this time next year!

    All the best

    1. Financial Independence UK Post author

      Hi Huw

      I certainly would take the increase every month, but any regular increase is welcome. As you say the dividends are building nicely, and I am particularly looking forward to August, as my dividend income for that month should be the first ever over £1,000. (hopefully not tempting fate by predicting ahead).

      Thanks for your comments, and I hope you can get to your independence by your target, and keep your blog posts coming, they are great to read.

      Keep topcashbacking, and perhaps you could use the payments of the cashback to boost your portfolio, as Tesco say, every little helps.

      1. Huw

        Thanks FI UK

        I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you on August’s Dividends! That sounds brilliant.

        Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I’m working hard on it, but I am enjoying it. It’s nice to know there are people out there that like it.

        ha ha. I like the ‘every little helps’ line as well. You’re certainly right. Every £10 here and £20 there adds up for me. I will keep on keeping on.


  2. Dividend Mantra

    FI UK,

    Great job on the dividends! Even factoring out the VOD RoV, you had a spectacular month. That’s a big jump from what you made last year. The snowball is really starting to roll downhill now. 🙂 Keep it up!

    Best wishes.

    1. Financial Independence UK Post author

      Hi Jason
      Thanks for your supporting comments. I agree that the snowball is building up momentum and love to see the income building over the months. I particularly enjoy it when the dividends have built up to a value when I can buy more shares, and as the dividends increase the number of buys a year I can make increase, which of course accelerates the dividend growth (a virtual cycle if ever I heard of one).

      Best wishes to you and hope you are not being hit too hard by the changes at work.

      FI UK

  3. SparkleBee

    Wow… A great growth. I have made a bad mistake in not having a sipp.
    I have reinvested my VOD payout on some unilever shares. Not sure about adding more to my VOD quantity.

    I am seeking FI but I have made some bad investment choices which have hindered growth tax free. Most of my shares are being bought outside an ISA as my share ISA is a funds only account they will not let me buy individual shares even though they call it a shares and funds account! hoping that once this new ISA change goes through I can consolidate money and have shares and investments in one place and snowball my savings. My emergency savings earn very poor interest rates – will be soooo glad when savings interest rates go up! My cash ISA is going the same way as finding good interest paying accounts that accept transfers is pretty hard.

    Will keep reading your posts and keep plugging away on my own journey to FI. Good luck.


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