January Dividend Update


ID-100188087As it is now the beginning of February, it’s time to update my dividend performance for January.

The table below shows the dividend payments received during the month, which totalled £417.34. This is an increase of £267.58 from the £149.76 received in January 2013.

National Grid£217.35£41.15£258.50

The increase is mainly due to the dividends received from National Grid, which I didn’t hold when the payments were made last year. However, the payments in Glaxo have also increased due to the quarterly dividend increasing from 18p to 19p (5.55%) but on my ISA, the payment increased from £23.76 to £25.84 (8.75%), this higher increase is due to the automatic re-investment of the dividends throughout the last year, which bought 4 additional shares and therefore received the dividends on those 4 shares this year.

As explained in an earlier post, I automatically re-invest in my ISA as the total amount of dividends on this account would take two years to build up to a value that would buy more shares cost effectively, I don’t automatically re-invest in my SIPP as I can cost effectively buy more shares three times a year.


2 thoughts on “January Dividend Update

  1. Under The Money Tree

    It’s always satisfying to see your yoy dividends increase! I like the thought you put into the GSK stock – i’ve never considered tweaking my holding levels of ‘expensive’ shares to optimise my ability to reinvest as opposed to sitting on cash divies.


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